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Hidden Costs of the Lowest Bidder

Selecting the lowest bidder makes sense when shopping for commoditized products, but not when it comes to professional services.  Just think, if you had a heart attack, would you want the cheapest doctor working on you or the most expensive one?  Now, while we’re not saying your project is as serious as a heart attack (although it may be for some!), please remember that selecting the lowest bidder does not translate into the same results at a lower price.  If you hire an unqualified team (even though they might charge less) you’re putting your business and your brand at risk.

What are some of the hidden costs of going with a company that claims they can do everything for such low prices?

  1. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.  Many vendors intentionally misquote work just to get the business and then charge more later by saying “this wasn’t included” and since you’re already working with them, you’re more likely to just pay and keep the vendor.
  2. Many vendors who claim low prices are using very young workers (20 to 23 years old) just out of college with very limited experience. Invariably, these teams will make mistakes which will cost you down the road.  How?  A.) Lost sales due to performance issues, bugs, or other reasons and B.) you’ll ultimately wind up having to spend more money just to have someone else do it right (we know because we’re often called upon to handle these cases).
  3. We’re a U.S. based company, and we guarantee our work.  Can an offshore vendor do the same?  If something goes wrong with an offshore company, there’s nothing you can do, with us, you have recourse and a guarantee of results.


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