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Focus on Quality, Not Price

Warren Buffett famously said, “it’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” To this end, shopping for price (as opposed to quality) works well when shopping for a commodity like gasoline (where standards are regulated) but it can be detrimental when sourcing service based firms like web designers, mobile developers, etc.  Think about it… Unlike Doctors (which are licensed) or Attorneys (which must pass the bar), there is no regulated standard whereby a web design firm or a mobile development company has to pass in order to start their practice.  In fact, for many providers, starting their “practice” is precisely what that means: “starting to practice”.

The vast majority of low cost providers are not equipped to deliver the standards you’ll need to remain competitive in today’s evolving landscape so if results are important to you, consider the following when it comes to selecting your next design agency or development firm:

“Most things in life have a dynamic range in which average to best is at most 2:1. For example if you go to New York City and get an average taxi cab driver versus the best taxi cab driver, you’ll probably get to your destination with the best taxi driver 30% faster. And an automobile; What’s the difference between the average car and the best? Maybe 20% ?  The best CD player versus the average CD player? Maybe 20% ? So 2:1 is a big dynamic range for most things in life. Now, in software…the difference between the average software developer and the best is 50:1; Maybe even 100:1.”

– Steve Jobs, The Lost Interview


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